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Medical Equipment
This array of medical equipments has been designed to meet exact diagnosis and treatment needs practiced in different departments of health care industries.  Available in different specifications, these equipments make diagnosis process and treatment method result oriented. 

ECG Machine
ECG Machines are used for registering electrical signals of heart to check possibility of cardiac ailment or to verify the health condition of heart. These electrocardiogram systems are effective in determining arterial condition to avoid stroke or chest pain.

Suction Machine
Suction Machines are used for removal of various body fluids before and after surgeries. These systems are also utilized for removal of blood, saliva and phlegm to cleanse airway of patient. These user friendly systems have standard safety features.

Bipap Machine
Bipap Machines are useful to deal with breathing complications, sleep apnea, chronic pulmonary obstructive disease etc. These advanced medical machines are well known as noise less systems and a number of cutting edge features.

Patient Monitor
Patient Monitors are used for clinical monitoring of health condition of patients in operation theater, ICU and in emergency ward. Offered user friendly monitors can easily establish connection with central monitoring unit for smooth transferring of real time data of patient.

Fogging Machine
Stainless steel Fogging Machines are used for elimination of mosquitoes by delivering and circulating dense fog. User friendly mechanism, advanced fog discharging method, ergonomic look and high output are the key aspects of these machines.

Anesthesia Machine
This range of advanced Anesthesia Machines is considered as integral part of any vital surgery to attain senseless condition of patient for successful execution of surgical procedures. Offered systems are well known for their application specific design and easy to comprehend mechanism.
Autoclave Machine
Stainless Steel Autoclave Machines are used for sterilization of surgical instruments under specific temperature and pressure. Steam sterilization based disinfecting method of these systems prevents cross contamination. These machines are user friendly.